Dr. Alex Gouaillard is CEO and Founder of CoSMo Software, a WebRTC consulting and tooling company. Winner of three WebRTC Conference and Expo Industrial Awards (2013~2014), as well as one WebRTC Pioneer Award (2014), co-leader of the WebRTC-in-Webkit Project with Ericsson R&D (2015), he is regarded as one of the pioneers of Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC).

As active member of the W3C WebRTC Working Group, he is in charge of the WebRTC test suite and browsers interoperability. As active member of IETF, he participates to the definition of all WebRTC specifications, and some more, like PERC, and QUIC. He was also co-chair of the IMTC WebRTC Interoperability Group, and participate in the AV1 Real-Time specification effort within the Alliance for Open Media.

Dr. Alex holds two PhDs from INSA, France, and KEIO University, Japan. He has deep experience in communications, signal and image processing. In the past, he has established and led successful research groups at Caltech University, Harvard University, and the Singaporean Agency for Science, Technology and Research. He was also involved in several innovative startups in Europe, North America, and APAC. He speaks to some level French, German, English, Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Filipino, all with a French accent.