I am passionate about programming. I programmed for the first time on a TI 80 calculator.

I started Python in 2015. At the time I already had good skills in C. I wanted to make an application that I wanted to sell to pay for my studies. I needed the socket module and Tkinter. Thanks to Python I could realize this application and I marketed it.

After doing some research on Python I understood that this language has huge potential especially for Africans in general and women in particular. Easy to learn and easy to use. Very good philosophy and wide community. So I became an apostle of Python. One day, I told my classmates at the university that Python will become in two or three years the flagship language of the university. And this academic year my vision has come true. Python is now taught at Level 2 and 3 License and in Masters and PhD levels.

I consider myself one of the best Python developers in my country for this purpose I share my knowledge and experience when I can. I wanted to create a Python community at the university but some blockages that did not depend on me prevented me from realizing my idea. I do, however, administer one African Python group on telegram for french speaking people and various programming groups.

My goal is to make Python the most widely used and taught programming language in both universities and schools in my country first and maybe in my sub-region tho. Python among other things allows me to earn money and pursue my dream. Indeed in MboateK, a company that I build with friends, we use Python mainly for the business part of our services and applications. Django, Qt, python-telegram-bot, Kivy and others, all our ecosystem revolves around Python. And we enjoy it a lot.

And “Simple is better than complex” became a real-life rule also. @jefcolbi

My Talks

Ninagram : how i mixed Django and Telegram in one soup!