When not managing his web hosting company Wil is building software, and doing some training and consultancy. He develops new parts of the Site4U customer portal and inventory system, by combining multiple database engines, queuing and all kinds of APIs while using as much Coldbox features as possible. Wil graduated in Environmental Sciences and started off his career as a research microbiologist. It took him almost 10 years before he continued fulltime as an IT specialist. In 1994 he founded Site4U BV, at that time a company specializing in software development and web design. One of his first forays in website design was an application to find Dutch internet access providers at local area rates written in PHP/FI and Mini SQL, but soon he discovered this kind of interactive websites could easier be built with DBML (database mark-up language) using Cold Fusion by Allaire Corp. Because decent ColdFusion webhosting was almost non-existing, Site4U decided to organize its own hosting facilities. Several years later focus of the company switched from building software to web hosting and nowadays Site4U offers cloud services at three locations in Netherlands and Switzerland. In his spare time he bakes serious amounts of bread and pizza for co-workers, friends, neighbours and family.