Xiang Gao



My name is Xiang Gao. After graduating from Nankai university in 2007, I joined Baidu SRE team, I was SRE technology leader of search back-end and infrastructure, and now I am Baidu Cloud SRE Technology Leader. Faced with increasing customers and millions of servers, increasing services and complex systems, we have been exploring how to change SRE’s work from reactive to proactive. Beyond the general improvements, such as monitoring, oncall, change management, we began to adopt the ideas similar to chaos engineering several years ago. For example, we designed a trial of disconnecting the entire datacenter network and observed whether traffic transited smoothly to another datacenter, and also increase the workload dramatically in the production environment to find the bottleneck and capacity cap of the system. When we see chaosconf, we find a group with same interest, hoping to share and learn from each other, so can apply chaos engineering better. My working email is gaoxiang@baidu.com, any question you can mail me.