Marco Cello

Genoa Area, Italy


I am a Researcher and Engineer with 10 years of professional experience in EU/US academic and industrial research, and now, in an amazing AI company.

After the Ph.D. at the University of Genoa (2009-2012), I worked as researcher in NYU and NYU Abu Dhabi (2013), University of Genoa (2014-2015) and Nokia Bell Labs (2016-2017). I got research experience in Admission Control, Queuing Theory, Delay-Tolerant Networking, Software Defined Networking, Elastic Serverless Architectures and Container-Based Cloud Infrastructures.

I have experience also in cloud technologies, Docker-based infrastructures, immutable infrastructure tools, telemetry, CI/CD pipelines and DevOps culture. I have proficient programming skills in C++ and Python; an in-depth knowledge in Linux-based emulation of IP networks, QoS and traffic engineering.

Currently, I am the IT Manager at Rulex and the co-Project Manager of the next Rulex version, leading the efforts to make the entire platform more reliable, worldwide available and cloud-native compliant.