Shlomo Swidler



Shlomo Swidler is Principal Consultant for DevOps and Digital Transformation at Lenovo. Shlomo accelerates innovation and drives business growth at Fortune-1000 firms all over the world. When leading companies the likes of Amazon, Hyundai, Live Nation, AT&T, and McKesson think of improving IT, software, and the value delivered through technology, they call Shlomo.

Shlomo has lectured, coached, advised, and done business in more than a dozen countries and two dozen states. He has lived on opposite coasts of two different continents, including a stint in Korea for the better part of a year while helping Samsung, KT (Korea Telecom), and other powerhouses of the country’s economy create and implement innovative new product and service offerings. He taught himself to read and write the Korean language while on an airplane flight.

Shlomo trained as a classical pianist in his youth and his childhood was filled with the cultural richness that New York City has to offer. He has held leadership positions at rapid-growth startups and large global firms, is an avid exerciser, and has experienced more airplane takeoffs than landings because of his love of skydiving. Shlomo has an Engineering degree from the prestigious institution The Cooper Union in New York.