Victor E. Irekponor



I am Victor Irekponor, a 500-level student of the Department of Urban and regional planning, University of Lagos, Akoka. I am very much tech-savvy, and asides from my Urban Planning and Design skills, I am also a Software/Deep Learning Engineer with over three years of experience in cleaning and preprocessing data, as well as building and deploying competitive models, having competed in a number of Kaggle/Zindi competitions and was Lead Python Instructor at the Developer Students Club, University of Lagos. I currently train Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) for Retina-AI Health Inc, a US-based Healthcare company devoted to using Artificial Intelligence to discover better ways to diagnose and treat retinal diseases. I have a very strong passion for Research, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence with Keen interests in Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing.

I love fried Plantain :-)