Joel Sallow



Hullo! I’m Joel, good to meet you! 🌸

I was born in Australia and moved to Florida to meet (and marry) my now-wife, Serena. Currently 24 and very much looking to expand my skills and knowledge as much as I can. Looking for bigger and better things to apply myself to every day.

I enjoy helping out the newest folks in the room, and to that end I created PSKoans; it saves me explaining the exact same things many times a day, and is a little more fun than listening to a lecture!

In my downtime I enjoy a few video games, practicing my (poor) piano skills, and singing. Lots of singing. If you hear someone singing in the PSHSummit halls, there’s a decent chance it’s me.

My Talks

Master PowerShell Essentials with PSKoans

PSKoans - Mastering PowerShell Essentials