Anthony Howell



Once upon a time I tried to graduate with a software engineering degree, but hated post-secondary education so I ended up getting into IT. Little did I know that all that C++ would actually make me a very effective PowerShell scripter and the best teacher I would have was an old school Unix/Linux admin. He was my first boss in a career IT job and his servers were all cli all the time, so if I wanted to progress to a server admin I had to apply the same methodology to Windows, which I did.

Outside of IT, PowerShell, and any other endeavors that make me money, I spend my time with my family (wife and 3 kids), enjoying the wonderful climate on the best coast of the USA. Now that makes up probably 95% of my life, but in the remaining slice I do have hobbies that involve applying my professional skills in for-fun activities or even playing through the occasional RPG (on a Bioware kick at the moment), on easy of course. When I need a challenge, I just go talk to my kids or open up my project roadmap at work.