The art of Hacking mobile phones remotely

By Jameel Nabbo

Elevator Pitch

The state of the art in hacking mobile phones using low-level attacks and the way of creating crafted packets and getting RCE with Rev Shell as there are many hidden “Scary” exploitation techniques that are used by the cybercriminals.


Exploiting mobile phones remotely is never been easy exploitation, in this talk I’ll demonstrate live demos and explain the technical details and debugging techniques that lead to a fully functional RCE that is exploited remotely.

As we saw in the news the ZeroDay Whatsapp exploit that is exploited only by making a phone call and getting a reverse shell, which has been used against innocent people and journalists around the world, but there’s no public POC of it or how it been discovered, as the scary stuff always kept hidden.

This talk will put the lights about the mobile exploitation “Modern” techniques as well as the practical buffer overflows exploitation on real-world scenarios on mobile phones.

Moreover, we’ll cover Advanced technical details and techniques as well as the hidden secrets in GSM exploitation.


Scary and advanced stuff that is used by the research organizations for conducting a crime is always kept hidden from the public.

As I am the founder of a cool research project which’s all about advanced and low-level exploitation, I always like to put things into practice other than doing regular CTFs.

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