Snehith Allamraju



I am a Business Intelligence Manager and a Data science , analytics enthusiast. I have around 12 years of experience working with data, databases, reporting, visualization, analytics and lately data science projects. I am an SAP, Tableau and Azure certified data professional, and I love to dwell at the confluence of data, technology, art and Strategy.

I also strongly believe in community based learning, after I graduated from the Indian School of Business with a Masters in Business Analytics. I co-organize the Hyderabad Tableau User Group, and I am the Meetup Ambassador for the ODSC Hyderabad Meetup chapter. I also help local tech-loving community by tweet from my non-personal handle HydTechEvents

When not with data, you can find me humming to an Ilayaraja or an A.R.Rahman tune, Cycling on my Bergamont, trying my photography skills, or looking around the town for new restaurants to indulge in!

You can find me on Twitter and Linkedin

Almost forgot, Python > R!