B Kiran Kumar Ashish



Dynamic and motivated engineer with a proven record of leading, working and managing teams, managing projects from concept to completion, designing project strategies, and coaching individuals to success. He is Skilled in Business communication, demonstrated exceptional communication skills, and making critical decisions during challenges. He is an adaptable and transformation leader with an ability to work independently, creating effective relationships and developing opportunities that further establish organizational goals. His passion for AI/ML made him reach milestones where he was certified and tagged as “Excellent Performer” in the Professional Executive AI/ML course from IIIT-Hyderabad. He mastered the art of presenting the idea and concept. His passion for technology with exceptional communication skills proves her ability to act as a bridge between technology and business. His role model is Steve Jobs where he is hungry and passion for bringing disruption. He strives for excellence and bringing a memorable impact. He never gives up on anything because he always wants to rule the AI-domain with his inventions and breakthroughs.