How much pressure can your app handle? - A journey of performance testing with Ruby

By Nancy Cai

Elevator Pitch

Have you ever considered how much pressure your app can handle before it explodes? Do you want to know what’s your app’s bottleneck? I’ll teach how to build a performance testing framework, in RUBY!


Nowadays more and more companies started to realise the importance of performance testing as new features and products, marketing campaigns, and annual events such as the festival could all cause spikes in traffic to any site. To find your application’s bottleneck, come and enjoy a talk of how to build a performance testing framework with Ruby . Through this talk I will take you through what are the correct questions to ask before designing your testing strategy. Then you will learn how Airtasker selected the testing tools and what our testing strategies are. There is one more step before you started to build the framework, which is what is your testing environment going to look like. After talking through all the preparation steps I will show you the code of the actual framework. Later I will deep dive into how to write the tests and how to run the them in GUI and non GUI mode. This is a topic for anyone interested in doing performance testing for both web and API.


I have never seen a talk in RubyConf related to performance testing, especially in Ruby. So my team in Airtasker would love to share the knowledge.