Shoeb Sarguroh



Architect of cloud servers which uses Alfresco community to assist organisations achieve GDPR compliance using a simple but economically viable approach. Shoeb is also an ECMS solutions auditor and also an ECM instructor delivering technical workshops and training globally.

Specialities include ECM Consulting, Auditing & Training (across all industry sectors), Curriculum Development and enhancement (based on Scottish CfE) and Software Solutions and Delivery across industry sector including education, engineering, health, pharma, oil&gas sectors.

Shoeb loves travelling, meeting people, sharing and learning from others experiences. He can speak English, Urdu, Arabic (a bit) and Marathi. He does try to understand bits and pieces of other languages. Shoeb is an outdoor person and like adventure sports!

Session: DIY-GDPR: making GDPR process simple and compliant uses regional Cloud based servers with predefined GDPR Content lifecycle that allows companies to store, secure, expire, retain and purge GDPR content all for just under a penny per content.