Tomasz Strawski



Oracle Expert in Database Consulting having over 13 years of experience in Oracle Databases, Performance Tuning, ETL, Data Warehousing, PL/SQL Development, SQL and Data Analysis. Oracle APEX and Snowflake Enthusiast.

  • Oracle ACE Associate
  • Oracle Database SQL Tuning Certified Expert
  • Oracle Advanced PL/SQL Developer Certified Professional
  • Oracle Database SQL Certified Expert

My sessions: * DOAG Datenbank 2020 online: Using Real-Time SQL Monitoring * DOAG 2019, Nuremberg Nuremberg: Integrating Big Data with Oracle Database (co-speaker) * Tech Fest 2019, Brighton UK: Offloading Oracle Processes with Big Data Using Apache Spark (co-speaker) * Tech Fest 2019, Brighton UK: Using Real-Time SQL Monitoring (co-speaker)