Nick Lambe



From the Royal Air Force (RAF) College Cranwell graduating in 1981 he has over 30 years senior leadership and executive experience in Technology and Intelligence environments internationally. As an RAF Officer, his Reconnaissance & Intelligence expertise included serving with the Army and attachment to the Royal Navy. This was where Nick first “red teamed”. Leaving the military after a serious injury he worked in corporate roles including the Middle East where he built an Intelligence training organization for the RSAF. In 2001 he joined General Dynamics UK as R&D Programme Director (DIFDTC). Nick founded a tech security company in 2006 and then in 2016, he started GordAlex, his technology security company delivering Systems, Cyber and Digital-Media threat prevention. Nick has been an advisor to the group head in the MoD and at ministerial level and CNI in the UK and internationally, holding higher security clearances. He still flies, speaks on the human/OSINT aspects of Cyber while embracing his inner Bond Villain. Nick is a former British Military Intelligence Officer who has been “red teaming” since before it was given a name.

He has been in tech security and related fields since 2002 and has presented to all sizes and levels of the audience around the world. (His visual joke used to start his presentation to the Admirals of the Spanish Navy and their NATO colleagues is a presentation in its self)

His personal skill set is now in technical OSINT and its application for white and Black teams and has spent 10s of thousands of dollars training with some of the biggest names in the social media industry to develop his concept of “weaponised social media”.