Amos King

Saint Louis, MO USA


Amos is a freelance consultant and owner of Binary Noggin. He joins teams as a developer to help improve process and tech skills. He is a host on This Agile Life where he discusses process, code, and trust.

After working in Java, VB, and C/C++ Amos started using Ruby in 2005 just to be different than his coworker from there he branched out into many new languages and techniques. When Elixir hit the scene he was intrigued, but it took him a bit to jump on the train. Now everyday is a new exploration into Elixir and an attempt to convince his clients that it is the way to go.

When Amos is not coding he is hanging out with his five children, playing ukulele, or coaching robotics.

My Talks

Hardware without Hardware or Lightning without Lighning