Hasan Faraz Khan



I am a third-year student at the Department of Computer Science, AMU and currently pursuing my Bachelor of Science Degree. Currently I am working on projects related to Machine Learning and AI. Apart from this, I also like creating web/mobile applications and deploying them. I am a Deep Learning enthusiast but I am also tilted towards Web Development and DevOps. I like contributing to Open-Source projects and I am actively looking for such communities to work with. I also have an interest in Self-driven cars and autonomous vehicle. I am still an undergrad student and there’s still so much more to learn and this is why when it comes to programming and development stuff I don’t like to miss any opportunity. I’ve been following PyCon from a long time and this is the first time I have decided to come up and apply for a lightning talk where I would love to talk about Python stuff.

My Talks

Containerizing Python Web Apps with Docker, Django, Flask and Nginx