The bigger pains when you migrate to microservices

By Andres Sacco

Elevator Pitch

Migrating from monoliths to microservices has a lot of benefits but not all things are great. During the process could happen a lot of problems like an increase in the cost, multiple points of failure. The idea of this talk is to mention some of these common problems and how to solve them.



When someone decides to migrate from a monolithic to a microservices analyze and see all the advantages of one approach instead of the other but from time to time the problems start to appear in different parts of the platform. These problems appear because that person did not consider all the possible aspects like the availability, scalability, duplicity of the information in multiples databases, the cost associated with the split of a big application into multiple small.

Which things cover this talk?

The idea is shown different problems that can appear when starts to migrate to an architecture of microservices and which are the possible solutions with the pros/cons of each of them, e.g the microservices can do multiple times the same request to obtain static information, how to mitigate the problems when some of the microservices are unhealthy, or how can reduce the risk when you deploy new features.


This talk does not have special requirements, the idea is that anyone how has intermediate knowledge of some language can assist. Also, during the talk, I will mention some books or free resources to see more in-depth some of the concepts.