How to be a mentor without dying trying?

By Andres Sacco

Elevator Pitch

Becoming a mentor is not just explaining something new. It is spending time understanding the people’s motivations and trying to help you with your experience, sharing new technologies and how they can develop their skills to become better professionals.


Being a mentor is not easy because it implies listening to other developers and understanding their motivation to find the right resources or challenges to improve their skills. Also, you need to provide effective feedback so that the developers know which things they need to improve.

If you are a mentor implies that you need to develop other skills to communicate with other people and empathize. Also, during mentoring, you will need to learn new things.

This talk will show you which things are every day in the process of mentoring and how to deal with everyday problems like frustration.


The scope of this talk is for people how recently become a mentor or have some level of experience mentoring other developers