Anthony Master



Having no formal technical training with a Bachelors of Theology, I set out on a dream to learn technology to make the world a better place and enhance user’s experience. After working for many years in sales and service, I launched out on a side project to solve a problem and create a web service to meet a need I saw prevalent among my peers. The idea of IFBMT was born in September 2017 to create a service helping connecting some of the most disconnected users seeking to strive towards a single goal, world evangelism. We launched with 25 beta users in January 2018 and dreamed to grow this into a service helping around 100 users that I knew about. In January 2019, the clients interested in our service skyrocketed and we quickly rose from 100 users to 500 on a side project. Through a few opportunities, I was able to leave my full time job managing a Chevrolet Service Department and focus on Launching our new product MissionBase. During our development process we have overcome barriers, learned new technology, connected with brilliant individuals, and launching a product that serves not only the needs of our every growing clients but also customizable to serve the needs for thousands of potentials clients needing to manage customer relations with a focus on fund raising efforts.