Vidya Gopalakrishnan



I am a seasoned Security Professional with a history of working in Incident Response, Threat hunting and other “Blue team” roles like Threat intelligence. I currently am a Staff Security Engineer with the Palo Alto Networks Security Operations Center and leads their threat hunting program. Prior to working at Palo Alto Networks, I’ve had experience working on threat intelligence, detection and incident response at Ford Motor Company. As the threat hunting program lead at Palo Alto Networks, I drive threat hunting exercises and campaigns focused on network, endpoint and cloud stacks in our environment through which the team gets to tactically and continually “threat-hunt” in the wild. I hold a Masters degree in Information Security from Carnegie Mellon specializing in Incident Response and Computer Forensics.

My Talks

"allUsers/allAuthenticatedUsers" : An ATT&CK tale of the "evil-twin" GCP IAM principals