Meysam Azad



Introduce yourself in one paragraph

I’ve been working as a software engineer 🧑‍💻, and to give the last picture first 🌄, I can imagine myself doing the exact same thing I’m doing today when I’m seventy: software engineering 😍 (that is in fact if I’m alive by then). I have a huge passion for growth and learning and as long as I’m learning, there’s a meaning in my life 🧗‍♀️. As a perfectionist, I either don’t start anything, or I give my best possible self to the task at hand; because mediocrity doesn’t satisfy me. I’m also a huge fan of body-building so when I’m not writing ✍️, or coding 🤓, I’m in the gym lifting heavy weights 💪; spoiler alert, I want to have a six-pack.

What excites you the most?

  • Learning in general, be it language, technology, piano, carpentry, etc. 🎼
  • Talking with intellect people who challenge my beliefs and my worldview 🗣
  • Sharing what I know with like-minded and interested people 🎯
  • Sport and mainly body building and a v-taper ABS 💪
  • Gaming, watching movies/series and reading books 📚
  • Traveling and experiencing/exploring new adventures ✈️