Grayson Adkins



Grayson Adkins is the Co-founder & Head of Product at Uffizzi - The Full-Stack Previews Engine

Grayson leads product and interface design for Uffizzi—an open engine for previewing full-stack applications in the cloud. Using just a Docker Compose file to define your stack, Uffizzi automates the creation of on-demand test environments when you open pull requests or build new images. Each preview gets a secure URL that’s continually updated when you push new commits or image tags, so teams can test and provide feedback on new features or bug fixes before merging.

Prior to Uffizzi, Grayson led graduate research in Deep Learning at the San Diego State University Intelligent Machines & Systems Lab. He also previously worked in systems engineering for the U.S. Army Aviation Flight Test Directorate, testing software and hardware systems for military helicopters including Apaches, Blackhawks and Chinooks. Grayson holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from San Diego State University and a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Vanderbilt University in his hometown of Nashville, TN.