Contributors are the foundation of Apache APISIX community

By Zhiyuan Ju

Elevator Pitch

Learn how Apache Software Foundation’s top-level project works, and how to attract community contributors and users.


The Apache APISIX community is the most active in the world. However, compared to 2019, Apache APISIX is no longer specifically an API Gateway product. Still, it has evolved into a complete API full traffic management platform: the API gateway is its base component, an operations-friendly Dashboard, Ingress Controller, and Service Grid, so that north-south, east-west traffic can be confidently handled by Apache APISIX can drive the traffic.

Over the past three years, Apache APISIX has attracted the attention of well-known enterprises such as Airwallex, Weibo, Tencent, Swisscom, etc. While open source users continue to use the product, the community is actively guiding users to give feedback on issues; at the same time, many excellent contributors continue to promote the evolution of the product and increase community activity, forming a positive closed loop.

Through this talk, I will share the important community events and community stories of Apache APISIX since 2019 to date and hope to inspire you.