future forecast



Hi! My name is Yamaguchi from Open Socio Co., Ltd.

We create a tool with Node-red to predict future election results.
So, we operate it in the French presidential election 2022, We have got the election results right, so let me introduce you.

Newspaper polls are a very old way of listening over the phone, so We are facing the problem of not getting the right results.

For example, in the 2021 Japanese House of Representatives election, the mass media predicted that the opposition party would make a great leap forward due to the opposition party’s joint struggle. The result was a catastrophic defeat.

Against the global tendency to not answer surveys correctly, which is the cause of our inability to get the true voice of public opinion We succeeded in searching for the true intention in real time from the real-time data analysis of SNS. As a result, the results of national elections one week ahead can be predicted scientifically and accurately. As a trail, he gives an example of preliminarily hitting the results of the 2022 French presidential election.