Continuous Delivery Novice to Dangerous

By Alec Harrison

Elevator Pitch

The goal of this talk is to take people from the high-level phrase “Continuous Delivery” to building out a pipeline in Github and deploying safely to Azure. This will get everyone not only knowledgeable in CD topics but lay a good foundation to be dangerous in writing pipelines safely at their jobs.


This workshop is geared toward developers at all skill levels or who are new to Github/Azure! This will be a friendly workshop in building out your first continuous integration and continuous deployment pipeline. That might sounds scary, but with a little guidance and the maturity of the tools today you’d be surprised how quickly you can go from hearing about “Continuous Delivery” to actually implement it yourself! This guided walkthrough will take you from talking about the high-level concepts of Continuous Delivery as we come to them and also building out a simple sample application. There will also be more supplemental materials for more challenging or self-learning outside of the workshop!


To make things move a little quicker some nice pre-reqs would be .Net CLI, VS code, and Git installed prior to the talk. I have some experience in talking about CI/CD and exploring ways to help skill up others by implementing modern deployment practices safely and within the bounds of their companies. I help run the Iowa Microsoft Azure User Group and have given CI/CD talks there at Azure in the ATL, and at SCIFI DevCon.