Juan Pablo Tosso



I’m a cybersecurity researcher from Chile, currently working in traceable.ai. I enjoy writing open-source code, hiking, skimboarding, biking, spending time with my children, traveling, writing, and reading. I used to be a white hat hacker, but now I turned into the blue side.

  • API security is my passion, safely connecting technologies makes me happy
  • I’m a hacker and a developer with the soul of a social entrepreneur, affordable or free cybersecurity for everyone.
  • My goal is to bring enterprise cybersecurity technologies to everyone, cybersecurity shouldn’t be a luxury.
  • I have written more than 2 million lines of code for Coraza.
  • I’m the founder and main developer of the OWASP Coraza WAF project and a project leader in Coraza.
  • My primary programming languages are Golang, Python, and Ruby.
  • I speak English, Spanish, and some Japanese. I’m currently studying Chinese.