Andrea Ferrazza

Brno, Czech Republic


Passionate about IT since young age and always intrigued by innovation and learning about new technologies. Started my career as a freelance developer then moved to corporate where I’ve developed my skills in the Product Management world, where I thrive the most. Most significant experience comes from IBM Customer Service where I was the Automation Leader developing with my Teams a new set of tools to enhance the automation level of the entire department. This experience continues with creating an Automation Team at global level integrating my tools (mainly SaaS solutions) into all the Service Desks around the globe where I became the Product Owner and then Manager. After a while I decided to take another challenge that brought me to the OTT technologies and developing streaming applications for mobiles, web and Smart TVs, till these days, where I’ve joined Runecast Solutions and moved to the security field. For Runecast I take care of the core Product and also researching new market possibilities to expand Runecast’s Product Portfolio.