Jonah White



Jonah White was born and raised in Oklahoma and has been studying in cyber security since he was 14, he first got into the field through an FAA-funded organization called Cyber Patriot. There he learned the basics in Linux, Windows, and Networking using Cisco Packet Tracer. Jonah currently helps middle school and high school students by being an instructor at Rose State College teaching Linux for Cyber Patriot.

Jonah is currently working at his first cyber security job at a company called TrustDigital, a local IT firm offering solutions in cyber security or technology. Some of the tasks Jonah regularly does at TrustDigital is manage client firewalls, learn the latest attacks and methods used by malicious actors, and also currently is working with another company to manage their PCI DSS compliance with a assistance from his boss, Jeff Noyes. But Jonah’s boss has also given Jonah an outlet in allowing him to write articles for the company relating to cyber security, hacking tools, and in particular endpoint security. Jonah also writes articles about the latest restaurants TrustDigital staff has partaken in, the sub blog is called “Bon Appe-IT”, a food blog about what IT people while working in the IT/Cyber Security Industry.

Jonah currently studies at Rose State College and is fast tracking his last year to graduate in spring 2024, he’ll then attend OSU IT to pursue a BS in Information Technology systems. Jonah spends his time tinkering with electronics, practicing hacking on sites like TryHackMe and HackTheBox, and loves to learn more about other fields such as programming and Hardware Hacking.