Noemi Hernández



My name is Noemí and my biggest motivation to give this talk is the pleasure of sharing the things you love to talk about. Fortunately, I really enjoy my work, I fell in love with all that has to do with science and techonology since I was very little, so it comes very easy for me to share my thoughts and what I’ve learn so far in my life, with others that are willing to listen. I grew up and became a telematics enginner in a small city of Mexico, then I moved to another city, one with millions of habitants and worked there for 10 years before coming to Montreal. Here, I live with my husband, my daughter and our little dog, and I enjoy every second I spent with them. Other things I’m in love with, are: cooking and food, fashion, music, ice skating, taking pictures of almost everything, watching the snowflakes in my clothes, dancing, reading, learning super complicated stuff, learning super simple or goofy stuff, talking with my friends, etc., but we can talk about those some other day…