James R Qualls



James Qualls is a passionate software and site reliability engineer with over ten years of experience across various sectors and disciplines. His passion for software engineering lies in increasing velocity through developer productivity. He is a Principal Engineer at Discern, building a corporate compliance platform using Go, Remix, and Temporal.

Before joining Discern, James was the Director of Engineering (Head of Infrastructure) at MANTL for over four years, where he oversaw Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), SecOps, and Corporate IT. He also served as Interim Director of Engineering (DevOps) in New York.

James has also been a mentor at Arc (formerly Codementor) since 2014 and is a co-founder and CTO of Convrrt. Additionally, he has served as a senior software engineering consultant at SharpSpring and a senior software developer at Haivision.

With his passion for software engineering and extensive experience in engineering and management roles, James is dedicated to improving engineering practices, increasing developer productivity, and building robust, reliable software.