Susie Sue



14 years academic and work experience of Software Development 9 years Cloud Compute (AWS & Ali Cloud) 8 years Team Manager & Project Management 5 years IoT & Kubernetes/Docker & Prometheus & Spring Boot 4 years ISP & 3 years Overseas 2 year AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Blockchain.

Area of Expertise Kubernetes, Docker, Prometheus/Grafana AWS Solution Architect, Alibaba Cloud Software Architect Routing and Switch, Wireless, Network Security and DC expert Proficient in the Network Architecture, Backbone Network, VPN, SDN/NFV, CDN, MPLS&BGP, IDC Linux/Unix System Expert Python, Shell script, Java and C MySQL and Oracle

Skill & Competencies Software Operations Architect & DevOps & Double CCIE & Grad of the Stanford CS229 Online Course Proficient in Python, Java and C, etc. Excellent Team Management. Good communication skills with customer and team member. Good Activity/Event Presenter & Excellent training teacher. InfoQ Cutting-edge Technology Sharer. Familiar with diverse world cultures, and as an individual with a truly global vision.

Certifications Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Awarded the First Prize & Personal Skills in the National Undergraduate Network Technology Competition CCIE SP Operations CCIE Routing and Switching AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate (In Progress) AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional (In Progress) CISSP(In Progress); IELTS Level 7.5