Marc Paniccia



I started my career in software back at the turn of the century, I landed my first job early in 2000 as a quality analyst. In the years since I have held many quality-related roles. These roles had varied responsibilities, and even more job titles. I have done “manual” testing (the old school way), spent time writing automated tests, learned, educated, and then coached development teams as an individual contributor on ways to improve ‘manual’ testing via context-driven testing and exploratory testing methods, and then finally into managing engineers. Starting around 2012, I had started reading more about ‘context-driven’ testing and , initially as a Tester I started taking that into my day-to-day practice, a little bit at a time until I was part of a fully bought-in organization that used the Rapid Software Testing methodology. I made the jump to management in 2016 to help drive quality throughout the entire organization, beyond just the Quality group, and teach/coach developers, educate product owners, as well as less-experienced testers, how we should be testing for quality early and as a whole team. In 2020 I joined a company focused on the value of Whole Team Quality and I have been helping drive that philosophy in this organization until present day.