Naijeria Toweett



Naijeria Toweett is a junior web developer who has discovered the remarkable efficiency and ease of use in Ruby on Rails after gaining one year of experience in React. Captivated by the framework’s potential, Naijeria has become an enthusiastic advocate and aims to share valuable insights with fellow newbie developers. Her primary goal is to help others understand how transitioning from React to Rails can revolutionise development, making it efficient and stress-free.

Naijeria’s journey into Full Stack Development began three years ago, following a successful career in digital media communications. This diverse background has instilled in her a unique perspective on problem-solving and a passion for finding or building solutions that directly address user pain points. Naijeria’s approach to development is deeply rooted in user-centric design and creating delightful experiences.

Driven by a desire for continuous growth, Naijeria recently completed an advanced certificate in product management. This achievement has equipped her with strategic and analytical skills necessary to successfully ideate, build, and bring products to market. Naijeria’s holistic understanding of product development enables her to align technical solutions with business objectives, resulting in impactful and user-centric applications.

As a first-time conference speaker, Naijeria hopes to bring a fresh and enthusiastic perspective to the stage. Her talk focus on sharing practical insights, best practices, and real-world experiences, emphasising the benefits of transitioning from React to Rails. Her aim is to empower fellow developers to adopt this powerful framework, streamlining their development workflows and unlocking new levels of efficiency.

Naijeria is dedicated to contributing to the growth of the tech industry. She strongly believes in fostering an inclusive and collaborative environment where knowledge-sharing and innovation thrive and spends her time moderating an eight thousand member strong facebook community Women+ in Web Development.

When she is not coding , she paints on canvas with acrylics and loves hosting friends and make grilled pork and butternut wheat flat breads.