Fatih Bildirici



Embrace the synergy of tenacity and talent, where a seasoned software maverick cultivates change. With a robust more than five-year voyage through startups, business applications, TelCo, and defence, I am committed orchestrator of tech-driven progress. More than a professional, I am a relentless scholar, immersed in the intricate realms of Management Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence & TechPol. This pursuit amplifies my commitment to evolve, research, and explore Artificial Intelligence and Science and Technology Studies, aiming to continually hone my prowess in software development through a kaleidoscope of unique perspectives. On the other hand, I should mention that I’m a pretty bad basketball player because of my height, but I love to play. Sheldon Cooper might be my favorite non-living person, epistemologically non-existent. I love to play Munchkin. I am happy among academic people. I would like to teach at a university for a semester, maybe in the future.