Somerset, New Jersey


Derris Boomer has worked for Fortune 500 companies since he was 16. Each has taught him perseverance, leadership and a drive for success. His tenure at companies such as IBM, Tiffany & Company, Polo Ralph Lauren and Accenture has afforded 20+ years of corporate experience. He has traveled the globe implementing technology systems in Europe, North America and Asia.

Derris is founder and CEO of, which specializes in technology planning, process improvement and software implementations. Derris has an undergraduate degree in Management Science from Kean University. His motto is “Have laptop will travel!”

He has certifications in Workday and Kronos Workforce Management software. He has written business and technology articles for J.D. Edwards User Group,, Smart Enterprise Magazine and N.J. Tech Weekly. Mr. Boomer has taught college courses as an adjunct professor at two community colleges. He has extensive experience in Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Government and Higher Education. He embraces 3 principles to success; Business Process + People + Technology = Custom Solutions

Speaker Topics: -Technology Trends for Fortune 500 Companies-7 things you should know -Technology Trends for the next 5 Years -Alternative Careers in Technology -American Jobs-How do we get back to work? -Best practices for climbing the corporate ladder! -Build Automated Solutions Without Writing Code! -ERP Trends -How to Automate your business -How to become a Consultant -How to Leverage Your LinkedIn Contacts Better! -Jobs are Dead! Careers are Alive! -Project Portfolio Management – What is it? -STEM Careers -STEM Workers are today’s innovators and Inventors! -Tech Consulting for Dummies and Geniuses -Technology Consulting from Dummies -The next big thing in the enterprise – INNOVATION -What is STEM? -What is the price of human capital in your organization? -Where are the Jobs and Entrepreneur Opportunities?