Sergiusz Golec



An opportunity-driven exploratory tester, specializing in (GUI & API) Test Automation and Performance testing. Consider self as an Eclectic Testing Enthusiast (ETE).

  • “Happy testing” Software and Hardware, professionally since 2oo7 with worldwide known firms, including Telco, Pharma, Banks, Life Science (Bioinformatics, Robotics, Medical Devices, Diagnostics), ERP and Retail (e.g. Supply Chain, Sales, Billing). Regularly enjoying test conferences, and refreshing collection of T-Shirts.
  • Experience living and working in 6 countries; travelling in 35+ countries; since 2o14 living in Switzerland; Speak native Polish, Russian, and Belorussian; fluent English; basic Slavic languages (regularly watching UA, BY and RU funny videos); intermediate German (B1-B2 in progress).
  • (Ex) game addict. Once, read from cover to cover 1024 books in 3322 days. Among them, 821 - not work-related. Science Fiction, Fantasy and Adventure. Now also enjoy Manga, Comics, Anime, ToastMasters, NLP, meditations and ice baths, great food and liquids.

► Parents gave me 4 names. I used “Sergey” the most. Until… my hotel reservation apartment turned out to be a (looooong week) toxic stinky-pinky Barbie cage. Because the reservation was made via phone for a “Sir Gay”. Now very tolerant to the usage of the local variations (of the names): Serg, Sergius(z), Sergio, etc. It helps (ego) to accept the Dear “S.” and Focus on more interesting aspects /experiences.
Tend to sign posts and emails as “SerG” (“Sir G.”)
There are many ways to call me (S. / SerG / Serg / Sergey / Sergius(z) / ▄▀ ), but if you stick with SerG that’s probably the best.

Enjoy the session and your day ahead

What did you learn through years of testing?

  • I’ve done a bunch of testing activities from security /pen testing to usability testing. A bunch of industries and roles. Now, I’m sure:

it’s worth to test and explore: unknown, new, assumptions, beliefs, needs, contexts, countries, books, ideas, what scares you, what makes you happy, most diverse opinions (and arguments), challenges, improvements, imagination, “you name it”.

What Contradicting approaches to do testing did you used?

Top 3:

  • Context Driven “school” is the closest to my heart.
  • Agile - can be good or great, bad or ugly.
  • Control (audit) - I’m sure it will stay (on the market) in many (regulated) places, with a high trust /risk issue.

I’ve also experienced mixed versions, for example in medical devices testing: formal quality gates - done with a classic waterfall (regulated “checklists and signatures”), development in between - via agile sprints (with embedded testing, exploratory testing, and automation).

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My Talks

AI (GUI & API) in Test Automation

Cool Bio-hack, or from Zero to Iceman and how it helps in testing.

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