Server-Side is Dead! Long Live Server-Side (+ HTMX)

By Jack Linke

Elevator Pitch

With no ‘standard’ approach to front-end other than built-in templating and so many JS front-end frameworks and tools and options, it’s easy to get thrown for a loop. HTMX lets us stick to what django is good at - server-side stuff, mainly - without feeling like we’re missing out on modern tools.



By the end of this talk, audience members will have a better understanding of what HTMX is, will understand concrete examples of how it can be applied to their django projects, and will have a list of resources for further learning and discussion.


  • The current state (5 min)
    • Django templates
    • Ajax, transitions, and asynchronous front end approaches
    • Heavy JS Frameworks (Vue, React, jQuery)
  • A different mindset (9 min)
    • Getting back to the heart of HATEOAS
    • Splitting up complicated views
  • Feature and approach walk-throughs (20 min) For a variety of common web application features, we will take a look at a typical django approach and how one might approach the problem with django + htmx.

    1. Messaging inbox functionality (read, archive)
      • The default Django approach
      • Django + HTMX approach
    2. One-click settings
      • The default Django approach
      • Django + HTMX approach
    3. Multiple forms in multiple tabs
      • The default Django approach
      • Django + HTMX approach
    4. Formsets and an HTMX approach
      • The default Django approach
      • Django + HTMX approach
  • Tips, best practices, and pitfalls (6 min)
    • CSRF Tokens
    • Lightweight JS libraries which compliment HTMX
    • Simplifying things with django-htmx
    • Resources for further reading and community


Django + htmx experience

I have been fortunate to work with htmx since shortly after its inception last year (as the successor to intercooler.js). Since then I have integrated it into several features of a moderate sized commercial django-based SaaS application. I have also written a blog post with an example implementation of htmx with django for building an interactive settings page, have created an example to-do list app using django and htmx, and actively take part in conversations about django and htmx on the htmx Discord, on Reddit, and on Twitter.