Node.js VS. Clojure : Catfight

By Mey Beisaron

Elevator Pitch

Iphone VS. Android? Princess Lea VS. The Princess Bride? Marvel VS. DC?
nah. We have a better battle for you: Node.js VS. Clojure. We will NOT be theoretical, we won’t provide answers - we will ask the right questions and use practical examples in order to have a winner in these languages battle.


Javascript was that underdog school girl who suddenly blossomed into a swan, and now everyone wants to be friends with. Clojure is the nerdie over calculated girl we’re all gonna work for one day. Node.js developers, how comfortable are you knowing that your code probably comes with a significant performance overhead? Clojure developers, don’t you miss being able to find answers on stackoverflow? What made you choose one language over the other?
Are you sure you made the right choice? In this talk we will take a look at some of the common differences between Node.js & Clojure for server-side development. We will provide enough use cases and code examples ensuring you make the smart decision next time.


This talk will be held by two speakers - Mey Beisaron & Nirit Segal. Mey is a Clojure developer who loves to talk about it (talked at over than 10 tech conferences in the past year) Nirit is a JS developer who has been writing code for over a decade & hates Clojure.