Matthew Campbell

Bangkok, Thailand


I am CEO of a Loom Network (TechStars Winter ‘18) a Blockchain company. Most famously known for CryptoZombies. Building tools for developers around the blockchain in Go. I have worked for large Technical firms like Digital Ocean, Bloomberg, Thomson Retuers. I’ve been a software developer for last 15 years.

I have spoke at over 20 International Conferences, including 2 in Singapore.


  • MicroXchng Berlin 2016/2017
  • Gotham GO New York 2015
  • Gophercon Singapore 2017
  • JSConf Singapore 2015
  • Velocity Conf New York 2016
  • GopherCon Taipei 2017
  • GopherCon Dubai 2016
  • UK Gophercon London 2016
  • O’reillySoftware Arch Conf New York 2016

And many more You can see some on Youtube