There is no Steady State

By Adam Shake

Elevator Pitch

Trying to bolt ITIL, DevOps, SRE, almost anything on to a resistant legacy organization will fail, unless you change behavior. DevOps, and SRE, both define the practices and culture needed to instill that behavior change. Everything has to change! Even DevOps has to change!


This talk aims to break down and talk about why older, larger, existing organizations need to stop fearing what DevOps is, and what that means, and start embracing change. I’m going to speak from the experience of working at a medium sized, midwest, conservative insurance company, who is knee deep in the process of trying to do this. We are mired in a sea of “Thats how we’ve always done it” and “Freeze all changes because its too risky”. I lead a team who’s job it is is to combat this attitude, and drive the cultural change that is needed across an org. And I KNOW I am not alone in this. I KNOW other companies are in the same struggle! Come with me as I talk about where we have gotten so far, the progress we have made, and to see where I think we are headed, and even where I believe DevOps is headed going forward! Software is eating the world… Change is eating Software, and both are eating DevOps!


I believe, being directly responsible for this kind of change, and bringing DevOps to an organisation that is so resistant to change is exactly why I’m the right person to talk on this. I’m in the trenches, I haven’t even come close to winning the war, but the more we talk about it, the better we become!