Abhiram Ravikumar



Abhiram has been a part of the open source world in Bangalore for over 3 years now. As a student volunteer in Bangalore, he started contributing to Mozilla as well as FSMK (Free Software Movement Karnataka). After becoming a Mozilla Rep, he has presented over 40 sessions and workshops on web dev, Rust and git version control at various venues all over India. Being an internet activist, he was an integral part of the #SaveTheInternet campaign in India during the fight against net neutrality violations. In 2016, he was invited to Mozilla’s Leadership Summit in Singapore (http://slides.com/abhiramravikumar/leadership-summit#/) to present a talk on running a successful campus club for ~3 years.

Currently, he is a Mozilla Tech Speaker well versed in topics like full stack web development, decentralization, scalable infrastructure set up, open source contribution practices and mentoring web enthusiasts . He is currently working at SAP Labs in Bangalore as a full stack web developer and continues to contribute to Mozilla India as well as FSMK.

Recently, he was invited by Red Hat to organize a workshop (http://abhiramrk.com/its-raining-rust-at-red-hat/) on the rust programming language which was attended by 25 developers and the feedback was above 6 on a scale of 1-7.

My Talks

Demystifying ethereum to build your own decentralized (D-app) app using blockchain