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Alberto Daniel HILL, was one of his country’s leading cybersecurity experts and consultants, with over 15 years’ experience in large corporations, governmental entities, and international consultancies, when he was suddenly arrested and falsely imprisoned in 2017. Deemed a “hacker” by INTERPOL investigators, and later the national judicial system, Hill was the first person to be prosecuted and imprisoned for cybersecurity related charges in his country of origin, Uruguay.

After 8 months of being held “provisionally,” and deemed “an international flight risk,” Hill withstood nearly five years of legal procedures in the case that was dubbed “Operation Bitcoins” by INTERPOL. It took nearly five years for him to clear his name. Hill was ultimately able to prove his innocence. All criminal charges were dropped, and his criminal record was wiped completely clean – as it remains today.

Hill went on to chronical his experiences and their traumatic after-affects in the 2020 book entitled “LOGIN TO HELL – A HACKER’S STORY.” Published in both English and Spanish, Hill’s book reached the No. 1 position as an Amazon top-seller in the “Human-Computer Interaction” category within the first week of its publication. Widely interviewed, and an invited speaker at numerous international conferences, Hill continues to work in his areas of current focus, Blockchain technology, Crypto Currencies and FinTech sectors. He has been involved as a team member of an ICO released in 2017, as well as an advisor for two additional ICOs in recent years.

Hill has resumed his career as a computer engineer, now with more than 20 years of experience, sharing his expertise in consulting, education, and community-building milieus. He has particular interest in promoting integrity and continued excellence in the areas of: Computer Forensics; Ethical Hacking; Social Justice issues related to Cybersecurity–including On-line Harassment; Gender Equality, and Diversity within the field. Hill has a specialization in ISO/IEC-27000, and holds certifications in Ethical Hacking, and a wide range of IT Security fields such as computer forensics, and ISO/IEC-20000. Given his numerous international certifications, such as the PMP from the Project management institute (PMI), Hill has led several Information Security Projects since 2011.

Continuing his writing, Hill has made contributions and been requested to write articles for magazines such as HAKIN9, DIGITAL FORENSICS MAGAZINE, and COIN TELEGRAPH. Currently Hill is focusing on BLOCKCHAIN and NFT technology, both in the management of NFT projects and security in the ecosystem. In addition to writing articles, he also currently teaches about these topics, and is working on two further books about NFTs. Hill is leading a project that is creating the first NFT CLUB for Hackers, #HACKER1337.

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