Bragadeesh Jegannathan

Madrid, Spain


I am the founder and CEO of Francium Tech, a technology startup from Chennai. I live, breath technology and an insane fan and follower of Ruby and Rails. Although our organisation has crossed the employee levels of a typical startup, my passion for coding could not be curbed - check out my Github profile -

I have given a lot of speeches and talks to various engineering college students in Tamilnadu, emphasizing on the importance of understanding and applying Engineering to real-world problems as opposed to rote memorizing text and syllabus set forth by a system that is decades old. We put money on where our mouth is, that is why we have a no-minimum-educational requirement hiring policy. That is why in the company I founded, age or education are not criterions, however, passion and attitude are.

Also, I have led teams of different sizes to various hackathons in the state and have won the SPI Cinemas Hack for Social Good. The winning talk could be found here - .

I read a lot of books which also was the reason I became an entrepreneur. And, I write a lot too, most of them being technical articles, but I do venture into philosophy and spirituality. I am a Vipassana meditator where I Meditate for 2 hours every day.

My Writings: