When Im not taking long walks on the beach or pursuing some ridiculous side-project with the excuse of ‘learning a new skillset’. You’ll find me 9-5 overselling my skills and thriving under the pressure at Tanda. Im a self taught programmer who has a degree in game-design and included in my skillset is the ability to not take myself to seriously. I got my start creating a White Label API for a company called Fabric and programming quickly became my full time hobby.

For the last four years I have been fortunate enough to find myself on a multitude of different projects including computational point-cloud calculations with C++, web development with Polymer, Full Stack React development, GraphQL APIs, React native apps, and finally a Ruby on Rails monolith.

The saying goes “find something you love and do it on the weekends”. I found that out post full time employment and I am the living embodiment that one size does not fit all.

Im always looking to give back in honour of those that gave so much to me when I was first starting. If I can help you with that at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out.