Chris May

Richmond, Virginia, USA


Meet Chris, an experienced developer, technical coach, and advocate for creating exceptional user and team experiences. With over 25 years of industry experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and fosters effective team dynamics.

As a technical coach, Chris collaborates with teams to craft elegant and robust solutions, reduce bugs, and improve time to market. He simplifies intricate technical concepts, diagnoses and troubleshoots code issues, and provides actionable feedback, earning him a reputation as a trusted mentor and guide.

Chris’s dedication to building a thriving Python community led him to co-found PyRVA, the Python user group in Richmond, Virginia. Through this initiative, he actively fosters knowledge sharing, networking, and professional growth among Python developers.

In addition to coaching and community involvement, Chris shares his expertise through his blog and Python resources on his Everyday Superpowers website. These platforms serve as valuable references for developers seeking insights and practical advice.

When you’re there, ask him to send you the recipe for his amazing gluten-free brownies!