Realtime stack so good, it's Surreal

By Predrag Stojadinović

Elevator Pitch

Innovative NewSQL SurrealDB enables building full-stack and completely reactive UIs quickly and effectively. It provides realtime data synchronization and scalability, allowing for fast and reliable performance. My reactive stack produces applications that are both highly performant and responsive.


You wanted to build a realtime webapp, so you tried Meteor, RethinkDB or GraphQL subscriptions? Maybe you even tried Owservable? Well, your search is over, because the solution is SurrealDB: a highly-scalable, flexible, developer-friendly, fully ACID transactional, realtime NewSQL web database. And I will show you how to setup a fully reactive realtime webapp, in minutes.


Last year I talked about my Owservable library, designed to enable full stack reactivity - allowing the UI to observe the database and thus react to any data changes in real time:

Now, there is an innovative new database SurrealDB, which renders my library obsolete. In addition, it provides a ton of additional features that can immensely help developers and reduce their efforts, allowing them to focus on business logic, rathar than wasting time on setting up the under the hood bells and whistles.