Software Craftsmanship in an Agile Environment

By Chris McKenzie

Talk Abstract

Despite growing Agile adoption, software quality is not improving for many organizations. Why? What can be done about it?

Talk Description

“Agile” has become a popular methodology over the last two decades. Businesses have been rushing to adopt agile processes because its promise to save costs and deliver working software more quickly. However, for many businesses software quality did not improve. In fact it often got worse. In response to this problem some Software Engineering leaders found it necessary to found the “Software Craftsmanship” movement. Why did agile fail to deliver on its promise of higher quality software? What can be done about it? What solutions are these craftsmen offering?

Chris explains what software quality is and that the core problem is the failure of engineers to properly communicate the value of technical excellence in business terms. Businesses have eagerly embraced forgoing cumbersome processes in favor of Agile processes such as Scrum and Kanban. However, the expectation of increased velocity coupled with a failure to understand the technical requirements of supporting increased change means that Agile processes are set against quality (and therefore speed) in these environments.

Come gain a deeper understanding of the communication failure between business, project management, and technical roles. Learn to address the issue of quality head-on and reap the promised rewards of Agile.