Darin Morris

Cape Town Area, South Africa


I’ve been working full time in the software development space for the past 13 years and my experience is fairly broad and unique. Over the years I’ve been a founder, manager, team lead and software engineer, in various sectors, and in teams of different shapes and sizes. My first serious foray into the tech industry was when I started my first software development business with the support of ICT incubator MambaVen, back when I was 17.

My interests are varied, though I particularly enjoy business and technology - so I’m naturally passionate about building high quality, secure software that creates real value. I am particularity interested in cloud computing, software security and the processes that drive high quality software development, and much of the work I’ve done over the years has revolved around these areas.

I try to engage with and participate in broader IT community whenever possible and attend community meetups whenever I can. I am a member of the OWASP, the ISACA and the IITPSA. I also chaired the Western Cape chapter of the IITPSA for 3 years.